Physician's Guide to Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse (Autographed by Dr. T)

This updated and expanded edition of Physician's Guide to Domestic Violence, first published in 1995, includes contributions by seven significant leaders in the health care field.

Physician's Guide to Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse

A Reference for All Health Care Professionals ~

This excellent resource belongs in every doctors', nurses' and health care professionals' well as each resource library of all hospitals and universities.

Patricia Salber, MD and Ellen Taliaferro, MD

Completely revised, Physician's Guide to IPVA utilizes state of the art content based on the latest peer-reviewed literature, guidance on routine screening and what to do once the abuse is recognized; an expanded chapter on batterers including what to do if the batterer is your patient and information about batterer treatment programs; and an expanded chapter on legal issues –  covering mandated reporting, impact of HIPAA, what victims can expect from the legal system, and information for health professionals called to testify in IPVA cases.

It also includes hot new topics in IPVA, specifically the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACE), including exposure to IPVA, on long-term health outcomes and primary prevention of IPVA – what clinicians need to know (and do) to prevent intimate partner violence from occurring in the first place.

The book includes contributions by: Vincent Felitti, MD, Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program; Robert F. Anda, MD, Centers for Disease Control; Rachel Davis, MSW; Corinne Graffunder, MPH; Brigid McCaw, MD, Clinical Lead, Family Violence Prevention Services Kaiser Permanente; Gael Strack, Director of the City of San Diego Family Justice Center; and, Larry Cohen, MSW, Executive Director, The Prevention Institute.

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