“Dr. T.”

Ellen H. Taliaferro, MD, FACEP

Ellen H. Taliaferro, MD, FACEP, is the Project Director of the Health After Trauma project of Creekside Communications. She is an author, speaker and expert witness in the area of the medical response to intimate partner violence. In 1998, she founded the Parkland Hospital Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Center in Dallas, TX, and served as its Medical Director until returning home to California in 2001. She was the co-founder and former Executive Director of Physicians for a Violence-free Society (PVS).

Dr. Taliaferro co-authored the Physicians Guide to Domestic Violence. She is the editor of the Journal of Emergency Medicine Section on Violence: Recognition, Management, and Prevention, which published a series of articles on manual strangulation in October of 2001. For that series of articles, she wrote the lead article, “Walking and Talking Victims of Strangulation. Is There a New Epidemic?”

Dr T, Ellen H. Taliaferro, MD, FACEP


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Dr. T speaks at Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas
about the ACE study.

ACE Presentation

Dr. Taliaferro is currently working on a book, Domestic Violence Aftermath, about the long-term medical effects of domestic violence and abuse. Dr. Taliaferro is also the editor of the eZine, Addressing the Medical Consequences of Trauma and Abuse, a publication dedicated to building a community of professionals who care for and support victims and survivors of trauma and abuse.