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Health After Trauma
An eZine for survivors of trauma and those who support them
April 2008

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In This Issue:
  • From Dr T and Creekside Communications
  • Can Reflective Writing by Medical Students Enhance Their Medical Education and Practice Skills?
  • Writing for Wellness--Story by Story
  • Health After Trauma Newsletter Has Moved
  • DrT Speaks: Conference Announcement
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  • Can Reflective Writing by Medical Students Enhance Their Medical Education and Practice Skills?

    Medical students often begin their training full of idealism and hope. Keeping that idealism intact while absorbing tons of facts and technical skills challenges both them and their teachers in medical school.

    Now a new descriptive study on the use of reflective writing suggests that hope lies in the use of reflective writing at various stages in their career. The study, Reflective Writing in the Competency-Based Curriculum at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine, by J Harry Isaacson, MD; Renee Salas; Carl Koch; Margaret McKenzie, MD can be found in the Spring Issue of The Permanente Journal.

    The authors of the study conclude in part, "Our experience thus far suggests that creating an environment that fosters reflective practice is vital for the personal and professional development of medical students. Reflective writing is a key way to stimulate and further develop this skill set."

    Writing for Wellness--Story by Story

    Whether you are a survivor of trauma or abuse or a professional who is supporting survivors, you no doubt have many, many stories to tell. Perhaps you have thought, "I should write a book." Or friends and family have said, "You need to write a book!"

    Either way, make the leap from talking stories to writing stories by joining us in Half Moon Bay, CA, this coming April.

    From the course announcement:

    Save Saturday, April 19th, or Thursday, April 24th, 2008, to attend a one-day workshop at Cameron's Inn at The Outback. 1410 S. Cabrillo Highway, Half Moon Bay, CA. Choose to attend whichever day works best in your schedule or elect to attend both days to experience the same material with a different group of attendees.

    The $95.00 fee includes lunch.

    When you attend one of these workshops, you will become a Creekside Communications Seminar alumni and this affords you the opportunity to attend future events at significantly lowered rates.

    Health After Trauma Newsletter Has Moved
    creekside com log

    At the end of last month, the Health After Trauma eZine took up residence at its new server home. If you are signed up for the eZine, you will continue to get the eZine by email when it is sent out.

    Thanks to so many of you who have already signed up. Your continued readership inspires our work.

    The eZine will also be archived on the Health After Trauma website.

    DrT Speaks: Conference Announcement

    The 10th Annual Warren Wetzel, MD Trauma / Emergency Medicine Symposium will be presented May 14, 2008 at Jacobi Medical Center in New York.

    Dr T's presentation, Taking Aim at Intimate Partner Violence Trauma, will be from 1:25 p.m. to 2:05 p.m.

    Note that you will save 25% off the registration fee if you register online.

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    Time for a little chuckle or smile

    From Dr T and Creekside Communications

    This month finds us busy with last minute details preparing for our local Half Moon Bay workshops offered this month: Seeking Wellness--Story by Story. I am excited that at least one mother-daughter team will be coming to the workshop together.
    Attendees range from budding writers with stories to tell to published authors.

    All are coming to learn how to develop and maintain a writing practice to improve their health, well-being, and productivity.

    Thanks for the continued reviews of our Audiobook, WellWriting for Health After Trauma and
    Abuse, read by Moana Re Robertson.

    Comments from the most recent review of the Audiobook follow:

    "First and foremost, this book really helped me. There were several times I simply had to stop the book and wait a few days until all the inner stirrings settled down. I could feel that the 'furniture in my emotional house' was really being rearranged--for the better. It was highly effective at moving me forward.

    Overall, I found the book to be powerfully effective and emotionally moving....a real help. It really helped me in the healing process and it did it in a way that went to the heart of the matter--it went deep inside of me. I am sincerely glad you wrote this book and I will be recommending it to others."

    Please note that while the WellWriting for Health After Trauma and Abuse book is a self-help book, it does not replace the need for any therapy or counseling that you are already in or need.

    Good News

    When I was in Dallas working in violence prevention, I treasured the opportunity to work with and be with Cindy Dyer and Jan Langbein. Now we will all be able to benefit from their good work. Cindy was confirmed as the director of the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) last December. Now there are rumors that Jan will be joining her soon. Read more by clicking here.

    It's Official: Dr. T is a Hero!

    The American College of Emergency Physicians celebrates its 40th birthday this year. As part of that celebration, the association honors some members of the college as heroes and Dr. T is one of them. To read more, click here.

    To learn more about the Audiobook, click here