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Health After Trauma Newsletter An eZine for survivors of trauma and those who support them
August 2008

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In This Issue:
  • From Dr T and Creekside Communications
  • How the Saving Cinderella Network Started
  • Writing for Wellness--Story by Story
  • Are You Looking for a Speaker?
  • Wait: Don't Leave Yet

    How the Saving Cinderella Network Started

    A little over a month ago, a fellow book author urged me to write a book for the lay public about intimate partner violence (IPV). This was not the first time I had been asked to do so, but this time I was prompted into action. All other work was set aside and this project started with a working title of Cinderella: the Sequel. The "what if" basis of the book would be: What if Prince Charming marries Cinderella, and he takes her to the Castle, where he becomes King Awful and Cinderella becomes a damsel in distress?

    The project has developed with these thoughts in mind:

    • The book will use the power of story to convey the facts about IPV
    • The Cinderella legend will be the base for the story format
    • The book will move Cinderella through the twelve stages of the Hero's Journey
    • Cinderella will move from victim to victor
    • Cinderella will be successful because of the strong helping hands she encounters on her path

    The intended readership of the book consists of family, friends, and professionals in the healing and helping professions who want to serve as the strong helping hands for women trapped in an abusive relationship.

    This project will benefit from the contributions, questions, and thoughts of not a few but the many. I hope you will become active in the Saving Cinderella network and contribute to the project of building this book. All input is more than welcome.

    Writing for Wellness--Story by Story

    Whether you are a survivor of trauma or abuse or a professional supporting survivors, you no doubt have many, many stories to tell. Perhaps you have thought, "I should write a book." Or friends and family have said, "You need to write a book!"

    Either way, make the leap from talking stories to writing stories by joining us in Half Moon Bay, CA, this coming September and November.

    From the course announcement:

    Save 9/26 or 11/21, 2008 to attend a one-day workshop at Cameron's Inn at The Outback; 1410 S. Cabrillo Highway, Half Moon Bay, CA. Choose to attend whichever day works best in your schedule or elect to attend more than one day to experience the same material with new writing exercises and a different group of attendees.

    Each workshop covers much of the same material. At the same time, the nature of the workshop changes each time depending on the attendees present and the questions and concerns put forth by the attendees. Past attendees who have attended more than one workshop report having an even richer experience in subsequent workshops.

    The $95.00 fee includes lunch and writing materials.

    When you attend one of these workshops, you will become a Creekside Communications Seminar alumni and this affords you the opportunity to attend future events at significantly lowered rates.

    Are You Looking for a Speaker?
    Finding a speaker for your upcoming events can be a daunting task. Solutions to finding the just-right speaker range from word of mouth to using professional bureaus. Both are effective ways, but the first can be quite time consuming, and using a bureau may net you a speaker that your organization cannot afford. Now you can search yourself on the World Wide Web.

    There are two places to look online. The first is the website for the National Speakers Association (NSA). This organization has a robust website that helps both event planners looking for a speaker and speakers themselves.

    Another place to look is on the Speaker Match website.

    Wait: Don't Leave Yet


    Time for a little chuckle or smile


    Carol Burnett and friends also had some thoughts about what happened after fairy tales ended with "...and they lived happily thereafter."

    From Dr T and Creekside Communications
    We are looking forward to sponsoring two more WellWriting Half Moon Bay workshops--One on September 26th and the other on November 21st. Our previous workshops have been quite successful. You can read about them and what our attendees had to say about their experience by clicking here and clicking here.

    Please visit out website to register for one or both of the workshops--we promise you a day of fun and good networking.

    My other exciting news is that I have started to work on a new book for folks who work with victims of domestic violence: Saving Cinderella--How to Help a woman trapped in an abusive relationship. Towards that end, we are setting up a network for folks who want to contribute to this effort.

    Visit the Saving Cinderella community...