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Health After Trauma Newsletter An eZine for survivors of trauma and those who support them
January 2008

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In This Issue:
  • Happy 2008 from Dr T and Creekside Communications
  • The Writing Practice Prescription
  • Do You Have A Story to Tell?
  • Health After Trauma Newsletter Will Be Moving
  • Conference Announcement: "Justice and Hope 2008"
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  • The Writing Practice Prescription

    Life is not about what happens to you, but what you do with it. - DrT

    It's time to think outside the pill box.

    Sir William Osler had a lot to say about this:

    • "One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine."
    • "Man has an inborn craving for medicine. Heroic dosing for several generations has given his tissues a thirst for drugs. The desire to take medicine is one feature which distinguishes man, the animal, from his fellow creatures."
    • "The battle against polypharmacy, or the use of a large number of drugs (of the action of which we know little, yet we put them into the bodies of the action of which we know less), has not been fought to the finish."

    The most important thing this renowned physician had to say about thinking outside the pill box was this: "The true polypharmacy is the skilled combination of remedies."

    In this case, think of the "polypharmacy" as various approaches which include modalities calling on all aspects of your life: mental, physical, spiritual, and social.

    Engaging in your own healing through various forms of writing has a lot going for it:

    • It's a self-help tool which means that you become actively engaged in your own healing process
    • It provides you with insights about how past hurts and losses may be contributing to current health problems
    • It helps you and your physician monitor your progress

    The bottom line is this: when you make a practice of personal writing you discover that you can spend a few minutes a day writing to:

    • Feel better
    • Be better
    • Do better

    The Writing Practice Prescription contains multiple ways to use writing as a means to heal and transform your sufferings into blessings. Drop by and visit our blog often throughout 2008 to discover more about this writing practice for healing:

    Do You Have A Story to Tell?

    Whether you are a survivor of trauma or abuse or a professional supporting survivors, you no doubt have many, many stories to tell. Perhaps you have thought, "I should write a book." Or friends and family have said, "You need to write a book!"

    Either way, make the leap from talking stories to writing stories by joining us in Half Moon Bay, CA this coming April.

    From the course announcement:

    Save Saturday, April 19th or Thursday, April 24th, 2008 to attend a one-day workshop at Cameron's Inn at The Outback. 1410 S. Cabrillo Highway, Half Moon Bay, CA. Choose to attend whichever day works best in your schedule or elect to attend both days to experience the same material with a different group of attendees.

    Health After Trauma Newsletter Will Be Moving
    creekside com log

    In the first part of 2008, our address-in-the cyberspace will be moving to another server.

    Towards this end we will be sending you several emails asking you to "opt in" or stay subscribed to the ezine by clicking a link and signing up for the ezine again.

    We apologize for whatever inconvenience this causes you. However, in the long-run, life will be better!

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    Conference Announcement: "Justice and Hope 2008"

    I have had the opportunity to attend this conference twice. You will find it to be an excellent opportunity to learn with a wide assortment of providers in the beautiful Longview WA area. Comfortable setting, good food, and excellent staff and volunteers. Here is their announcement:

    Please join us for Justice and Hope 2008!!

    Justice and Hope March 20, 2008 Lower Columbia College SAVE THE DATE For more information: Call Chere Weiss at (360) 225-4768 Or email at

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    Time for a little chuckle or smile


    Holiday cheer performances occur all around the country at this time of the year. A friend sent me a short video of a Melbourne Symphony Orchestra concert that I thought you might enjoy. If the video does not play on your computer, Download QuickTime now. Enjoy! DrT

    Happy 2008 from Dr T and Creekside Communications

    In addition to the current work of the Health After Trauma Project, Creekside Communications is now laying groundwork for a new program: The Writing Practice Prescription for Retooling After Hurt and Loss.

    Taking Stock

    In the beginning of the Health After Trauma project, my work focused on raising awareness about the connection of past trauma and abuse to current health concerns. Towards this end, two books were written:


    While working on these two books, my focus expanded and a third book was written for survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV):

    for Health After Trauma and Abuse by Ellen Taliaferro, MD, a book dedicated to survivors of trauma and abuse who now struggle with the aftermath of the abuse and trauma.

    New Directions for 2008

    All of the work for the Health After Trauma Project now sets the stage for the new project: The Writing Practice Prescription for Retooling After Hurt and Loss.

    Many of the readers of this newsletter have inspired the new project and I hope that you will each and every one keep keep track of this project's progress and contribute by sending your personal stories and experiences.

    A new website dedicated to the Writing Practice Prescription project can be found at or by clicking on the link below:



    Buy The Physician's Guide to Intimate Partner Violence



    Buy "Respond to Intimate Partner Violence -10 Action Steps You Can Take to Help Your Patients and Your Practice"



    Family Justice Center Books



    WellWriting for Health After Trauma and Abuse