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Topics include the following: 

Understanding domestic violence: Why we need a medical response.

An in-depth overview of domestic violence, often referred to as intimate partner violence (IPV). Addresses commonly held myths and misconceptions. Presents the impact of domestic violence on patient health and the medical system.

Responding to domestic violence in the healthcare system.

Features the strategies needed to identify and respond to victims of domestic violence. Provides methods to integrate domestic violence screening into practice and the medical history. Covers medical documentation using charting, body maps, and photos. Safety assessment is stressed, as well as appropriate referral of patients who are victims of domestic violence.

Living forensics: Recognizing and documenting domestic violence injuries.

Covers common injuries presenting in domestic violence victims, using techniques from the living forensics field. Features pattern-injury recognition and documentation. Helps clinicians to suspect domestic violence as an underlying cause of injury, even when the patient gives a history of “I fell,” the two most common words given by domestic violence victims as a source of their injuries.

Strangulation injuries.

Features recognition of strangulation as very common in cases of domestic-violence-assault. Emphasizes the common occurrence of strangulation in DV cases, and the lack of recognition by health care providers that strangulation has occurred in their patients. Covers basic understanding of how to evaluate and care for these victims. Can be presented as an overview in a one-hour time period, or as a four-hour workshop that teaches recognition, documentation, treatment, and appropriate referral and follow-up.

What others have said about Dr T’s past presentations:

“Thank you, on behalf of the students and faculty of The University of Texas School of Public Health, for your remarks at our 31st commencement ceremony held on May 4, 2001.

From the very beginning you got and held the attention of those in the audience. Your comments were both informative and inspiring and you delivered a riveting yet succinct message about public health (a none too simple task).”

--Guy S. Parcel, Ph.D.
John P. McGovern Professor in Health Promotion
The University of Texas School of Public Health
1200 Herman Pressler, Suite W114
Houston, TX 77030

”Dr. Ellen Taliaferro was a clinical attending physician during my emergency room rotation at a busy county hospital trauma center. Despite the volume of work and our always being rushed, she encouraged me to remember that every patient is a person with a complex history, and that compassionate care is not a bonus, but an obligation. I've since heard her speak on domestic violence as a health issue in a variety of settings. She always communicates the complexity of physical findings and emotional sequelae in a clear and understandable way. Dr. Taliaferro always talks about people, not cases, and her commitment and compassion is both evident and inspiring.”

--Dawn Marie Wadle, MD
Family Violence Prevention Project
Richmond Health Center

When Dr. T spoke at our first Annual Conference on Trauma, many of our attendees listed her speech as what they got most out of the seminar: heightened awareness about domestic violence. Her sense of compassion and gentle sense of humor made her difficult topic understandable and worthy of action. No wonder she got great marks as a presenter. We can hardly wait to have her back at our next year’s conference.

--Alanna Brogan, RN, MSN
Trauma Co-ordinator

 Hire Dr. T to speak at your event. Click here